Programs and Services

Training and Development – focuses on the identification of organizational an individual needs, development, management, monitoring and evaluation of training interventions and technologies for all client’s institutions.

Project Development & Management – deals with technical assistance and development of new project concepts, frameworks, and methodologies that respond in a specific area of concern like revenue generation and resource mobilization, development management program for middle level managers, environmental management incorporating the SIAD concepts, monitoring and evaluation of projects implementation, technologies used and outcomes.

Productivity & Development – planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Productivity and Quality Improvement interventions, technical assistance, advocacies (5S, ISO, TQM, etc) to key sectors of the economy in Mindanao, Promotion and Application of Green Productivity concepts and approaches in priority sectors like small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Research and Development –   a technical assistance and development, management, monitoring and evaluation of research-based project interventions and technologies.

Administrative & Operation – Finance, Accounting, Human Resources and Support Services